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Pinned topic Add SSL to website: works with pass through, not when routing

‏2012-12-04T10:32:13Z |
As described in another topic here, I'm trying to set-up a service which is adding SSL for an existing web-service.
The web-service is a "normal" HTTP website which is using and has a form which is doing a postback.

I tried several ways to create a service which is routing the HTTP-requests to the HTTP server but the only way to get the postback working is by putting everything in pass-thru with a MPGW.

When I use a Web Application Firewall:
  • I can see the website but when I click on a button on the form, the same page reloads without executing the action of the button. I tried almost every option which exists in the WAF but can't seem to solve this issue. I tried with and without routing.

When I use a MPGW:
  • I can see the website but have the same issue like with the WAF. Unless I change the request and response to pass-thru on the general tab, put the persistent connections off and allow HTML-messages with an empty body.
Then everything is more or less working as it should.

The issue I have with that is that I would like to have a dynamic backend or use routing to send the HTTP-requests to another HTTP-server, based on several criteria. But as soon as I execute any processing rule (by changing the response type to anything other than pass-thru), the webpage is not working anymore.

There are no messages in the log regarding this problem and since I'm not processing anything, the probe isn't helping either.
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    Re: Add SSL to website: works with pass through, not when routing

    Some extra information on this:

    The problem seems to be related to redirection:
    • When using Response=redirect, we get the error
    • When using server.transfer, only some clients get the error.

    Anybody knows what could be a possible solution for this issue?