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Pinned topic WCC v7.0.1 upgrade to IBM MDM Server v10.0.0

‏2012-12-04T07:40:47Z |
Hello everyone,

We are planning to upgrade our existing WCC v7.0.1 hub to IBM MDM Server v10.0.0. Can v7.0.1 be directly upgraded to V10.0.0 or does it have to be go through v8.5 then v 9.0 upgrade and finally to v10.0.0.

Any inputs and documentation on this WCC v7.0.1 upgrade to IBM MDM Server v10.0.0 front is much appreciated.

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  • IanDallas
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    Re: WCC v7.0.1 upgrade to IBM MDM Server v10.0.0

    ‏2012-12-13T08:55:30Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    On the database side, you need to run the various release database upgrade scripts, each one after the other.

    On the code side, you jut need to port the code right into the latest version of the workbench. We have done this for 2 customers in UK this year, and both were very successful upgrades with little or no issues to deal with.

    We simply generated the business proxies, behavior extensions, entity extensions etc in the workbench, and then moved their customised Java code into the skeleton code as generated by the workbench.