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Pinned topic TAM Combo Service lock and erprerequisite attribute

‏2012-12-04T04:36:59Z |

I am seeing strange issue in our TIM 5.1 development environment. We are using TIM 5.1 to provision account on 5 back end applications.

Out of 5 back end application for 3 applications we have defined "TAM Combo Adapter" as the prerequisite. Some times when we submit new user creating in TIM(on user creation we are granting user all 5 applications) request get stuck on TAM account creation. It stays there for 15 minutes and then completes. This behavior is random and doesn't happen on every user creation.

Has any one faced this issue before. Has any one faced any issue while using "erprerequisite" attribute of service.

Your help on this is appreciated.