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‏2012-12-03T21:08:46Z |

I have requirement where Input a XML and multiple outputs. When I have test this MAPs in WTX its working fine, but I had test this .dpa file in Datapower, I am only able to see 1st output, not the second one.

I used below instructions to set the inputs/outputs to context variables

6. Define named outputs.
a. Click the Named Outputs tab.
b. Click Add.
1) Specify the name of an output that is expected by the map in the Name
field. This must be the same as a cardname in the map file.
2) Specify the name of the DataPower processing context that will contain
the output data in the Context field.
3) Click Apply.
c. Repeat the previous step to create another named output.
7. Click Apply.
When the transform completes, use this context in the next processing action in the
processing rule to send the data to the desired destination.

Does any one had done this before? Single Inputs and Multiple outputs in Datapower.

Thanks in Advance...