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‏2012-12-03T18:26:42Z |
I have 64 bit DB2 Express installed on my machine running Win7.
When I try to browse the db instances, in Data Studio, in the explorer pane, I see:
All Databases -> localhost -> -1

Where -1 appears to be the port.
When I try to connect to any db on this port there is an error saying the port is out of range.

I created the Sample db on DB2 installation and specified port 50000.
When I try to create a new db connection to this db on this port I get the following error:

Full message content: jcct4204311550http://4.13.111 Exception Error opening socket to server localhost/ on port 50,000 with message: Connection refused: connect.

It seems either something is not correct with the installation of db2 or datastudio has trouble connecting to it even when it's running and a db exists.
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    Re: Data Studio showing localhost with port -1


    Please take a look at this thread as this may help you:

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    Re: Data Studio showing localhost with port -1

    BTW, I was reviewing the user guide someone posted earlier and clearly when Data Studio starts up, the default port is 50000, so I'm trying to understand why mine shows -1. Also, I try uninstalling and resinstalling, thinking I might have missed a step somewhere, but the same issues keeps occurring.
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    Re: Data Studio showing localhost with port -1


    I have hit same problems on two machines before and the root cause was incorrect configuration of TCP/IP or SVCENAME of DB2 server on the machine.
    So please follow Loic guide to configure your TCP/IP or SVCENAME of your DB2 environment.

    When all of configuration can be set correctly, please launch Data Studio with new workspace.

    Hope that it can help you!