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Pinned topic MS Access odbc connection (Views/Querys)

‏2012-12-03T16:44:01Z |
I have successfully added my MS access DB as an odbc datasource within the cognos express manager. The problem is, when use the data source in advisor, it displays all MS access db tables but not the predetermined querys (Views). When creating dimensions in Data Advisor, it doesn't allow me to add columns from multiple tables. So as far as I can work out, it will only let me create models from individual tables which is useless to me.

When I use the same odbc connection in other software environments, it always displays all tables and defined queries (views).

Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Further info:
Me - First time cognos express user (Trial version 9.5)
OS - Windows 7 Pro 64
MS Office 2010
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    Re: MS Access odbc connection (Views/Querys)

    OK, to answer my own question

    It appears that this can only be done from the framework manager.

    The querys (views) are displayed correctly here and are accessible.