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I have been installing the Common agent manually on 2003 servers because of the other prereq drivers that also get installed. During the install there is a question about point to an agent server. Is this the Systems Director server. I have noticed that on the servers that I installed the common agent manually, the system director still thinks that they do not have an agent installed. I thought the inventory would correct this. What should I be doing to install the Common agent on a 2003 server and make the system director server realize the change/install?
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    Re: Server 2003 and Common Agent Install

    When you install the Agent, you will need to re-discover the system so the Systems Director server will find the new RSAP on the system. By specifying the Agent Manager IP address and Agent Registration password, the Common Agent will exchange security certificates with the Agent Manager, meaning when it is discovered, it will already have access. You could also just do an Agent Manager discovery (using a profile), rather than specifying IP addresses, and the systems would be found.

    Yes, the Agent Manager is part of the Systems Director server.

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