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Pinned topic Change MQ Process (CHGMQMPRC) IBM i

‏2012-12-03T15:13:44Z |
Hi, I'm a IBM i Administrador (no MQ Administrator) ...

I must define Change MQ Process (CHGMQMPRC) and the MQseries team don't know IBM i ...

We doubt between QMQMJOBD Jobq or QDFTJOBD (or new enviroment -SBS, JOBD, etc ..)

At the moment we haven't data to decide it (runtime, use of CPU, etc ...)

Has someone any idea about? any recommendation?

Thanks in advanced,

Fernando Plaza
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    Re: Change MQ Process (CHGMQMPRC) IBM i

    CHGMQMPRC is the command to change attributes of a named PROCESS object definition in an existing WebSphere MQ Queue Manager. The Queue Manager has a name and runs as a subsystem on IBM i.

    The change can also be done interactively through WRKMQM.

    This is an MQ administration operation that would normal be done by a MQ support team, not an application or operations team.


    HTH, G.