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‏2012-12-03T11:24:31Z |
Hi All,

my server configuration is like this:
1. Websphere application server 6.1
2. IIS server. -> IIS 6 configured
3. Database server(DB2).

for failover we have below servers.
4. backup Websphere server
5. backup IIS server
6. Backup database (DB2) server.

now both production and backup server are not sync nor if production fails we can switch to backup.

need suggestion for sync and using the backup server in case of failure of production server.
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  • bpaskin
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    Re: Websphere Failover.


    You need to be using a load balancer/router in front of the two web servers. You can use a WAS Deployment Manager to keep the App Servers in sync with the application. If there is HTTP Session information that needs to be synched, then the App Servers will need to be part of the same Cluster. For DB2, there are a bunch of tools that allow the synchronization of data.

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    Re: Websphere Failover.

    thanks for the suggestion