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Pinned topic Job aborts if composite key columns are passed as a parameter to netezza

‏2012-12-03T08:38:11Z |
Hello all,
I am using netezza connector to update a set of records through Netezza connector through Datastage.
I am using RCP enabled data from dataset and moreover i wanted to resue the same job for different table updates.

While using netezza connector and passing the composite key columns to netezza stage via parameter, job aborts due to the following error:
(Netezza stage expects the key column to update and a check mark in columns tab will not surve the purpose.)

The following key column(s): Order_number,Item_number, Order_number,Item_number, Order_number,Item_number, Order_number,Item_number, Order_number,Item_number were not found in the link schema (CC_NZMetadataHelper::validateColumnsAgainstLinkSchema, file CC_NZMetadataHelper.cpp, line 2,917)

Order_Number,Item_number is the composite key which is used for update.

Let me know if any one has the solution for the above stated problem.

Note: It works fine if the composite key columns are selected manually.Problem persists only when passing it through the parameter