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‏2012-12-03T08:23:18Z |

We plan to use RDz for PL/I development as below

1) install RDz into each windows7 client.
2) access PL/I library on the system/Z server , make, edit and compile the PL/I programs.

Here I have two questions -

Q1) Do we need to install any Rational or additional software on system/z server ? If so, could anyone specify the software name ?

Q2) Does RDz support only SCLM ? Or RDz support all kind of PDS data-sets for PL/I library ?

I would appreciate if someone could help us.
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    Re: RDz prerequisite

    There are zOS host components which need to be SMP installed and configured on the host. These are described in the host configuration guide and the host config quick start guide @
    RDz supports out of the box SCLM, and Endevor as well as the TSO architecture like PDSs, Seq,......
    There are tutorials, quick starts, related links, all available in the online help @
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    Re: RDz prerequisite

    thank you for the clarification.