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Pinned topic WebSphere Portal Test Environment For RAD v8.51

‏2012-12-03T02:48:13Z |
Is there a WebSphere Portal (WPS) Test Environment provided with Rational Application Developer (RAD) v8.51? The Product Literature seems to indicate that a WPS Test Environment is available with a Licensed Version of RAD. I have a valid License and I am having problems because some of the disk images aren't available for me to download. I have noticed this with the WebSphere Network Deployment portion of the download. It advertises three disk images. However, there are only two.

Searching by Part Number CI7NAML, I am finding three disk images. However, when I download them by "Part Number" they are labelled as "Setup" and the same image size. ? I have contacted Passport Advantage and they have confused me about entitlement.

Can anyone help me out in determining what is needed to complete the install. The numbering scheme is off in the WPS Images also. However, Installation Manager doesn't complain about any being missing.

Any help will be appreciated.
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    Re: WebSphere Portal Test Environment For RAD v8.51

    Hello This is the part list number for RAD 851 and it contains the partlist for portal server.

    Please note the following:

    IBM WebSphere Portal Server Setup V8.0 Multiplatform Multilingual IMPORTANT: All parts of this image (CI7MYML, CI7N3ML, CI7N4ML, CI7N5ML, CI7N6ML, CI7N7ML, CI7N8ML, CI7N9ML, CI7NAML) must be extracted into the same directory to create a local repository​

    Good luck! Happy New year!
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    Re: WebSphere Portal Test Environment For RAD v8.51

    Hello Ivy,

    This is William Jackson. I posted that back in early December when I was looking for the third DVD image for WebSphere Application Server ND. This image did not appear under my entitlement for Rational Application Developer (RAD) v8.5. I had entitlement under RADS v8.0. Passport Advantage did not understand my concern so I posted here to confirm that entitlement to RAD gave me entitlement to WAS ND as well as WebSphere Portal Server when used as a Test Environment.

    The problem was/is that there are three ways to find the Part Number in Passport Advantage. However, under the Main RAD Part Number was/is missing DVD Image. Currently, I am only able to find the DVD image using the Passport Advantage Part Description. During the process I learned that Passport Advantage could contain errors.

    Since I was able to find the missing DVD image via the Description, I am OK now.

    Happy New Year