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Pinned topic Unable to download Websphere 7

‏2012-12-01T18:54:40Z |
Hi Friends,
I am trying to download WebSphere 7 developer edition but i am getting following error again and again. Even i tried to download trial version of latest 8.5 version but again greeted with the same following message.

This product is subject to strict US export control laws. Prior to providing access, we must validate whether you are eligible to receive it under an available US export authorization.
Your request is being reviewed.
Upon completion of this review, you will be contacted if we are able to give access. We apologize for any inconvenience.

message code: 53e

Please help me out in this our project badly need this application for testing
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    Re: Unable to download Websphere 7

    Why are you posting this question in an SPSS forum?

    And why don't you understand the message?