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Pinned topic Enhancement request - developer activity log selection

‏2012-12-01T12:10:52Z |
One issue in debugging more complex jobs in the WMC is scrollling through the long list of activities when WMC log level is set to ALL.

Could we have a level for developers where speciifc activities are marked by the developer in Studio to be logged and then a new logging level in the WMC to select just those activies to log. That way we can avoid having to scroll through a lot of activities in the log of no current interest in order to get to the ones we are interested in at the moment. And it would overcome the annoyance of finding the logging has given up because there is no more space.

This would save me a lot of time in debugging orchestrations.
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    Re: Enhancement request - developer activity log selection

    ‏2013-01-08T15:35:25Z  in response to JackAtAlbacore
    Great idea. Adding to this, it would also be very useful to have the option to re-point logging (in conjunction with this new log level) to another target or "sink" such as a database, message queue or remote log file where we control it's lifetime, variable size limit, and use other UI tools for navigating the log data.

    Without this, you could write an orchestration that consumes the Management API to frequently search the log and dump that info off to one of these log targets to help troubleshoot, but you'd still need to set logging to ALL to extract the more interesting detail (something we'd like to avoid in a production scenario).

    Exposing some API hooks or interfaces to handle runtime events such as writing to the log would enable us to write our own log handler. Of course that would require custom code to implement these handlers, so in lieu of that, perhaps a new orchestration starter activity that creates a listener for the runtime to write events to that we can handle as we like... $0.02.