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If you or one of your colleagues are interested in learning more about Host Access Transformation Server (HATS v8.5), now is your chance!
IBM's Premier business partner, Royal Cyber, is offering a free Web-based HATS course throughout the 2013 year.
This two day Distance Learning course is open to everyone and will cover the following topics:

HATS/Eclipse IDE
Introduction and deep-dive into the HATS technology
Developing and deploying HATS web application
Modifying a HATS project
Managing connections
Screen events
Screen Transformations
Components and Widgets descriptions and settings
Using templates, defining CSS style classes
Macros and host terminal
Interacting with Global Variables
Combining screens
Enabling print support
Enabling keyboard support
Using Host Simulation
Using HATS administrative console
WebSphere Portal and HATS
And more …

Course sessions are offered six times during the next year, the first starting in January.
To learn more and to register, click here:

What it HATS?
As mentioned above, HATS stands for Host Access Transformation Server.
It is one of the easiest and quickest alternatives to Modernizing your Host based applications and making them avaiable via a Web Browser.
With HATS, you can create Web applications, including portlets, and rich client applications that provide an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for your 5250 and 3270 applications running on IBM i and z operating system platforms. HATS applications can access 5250 and 3270 applications without requiring Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) capacity. In this context, these character-based applications are referred to as host applications. You can also create service-oriented architecture (SOA) assets using Web services that provide standard programming interfaces to business logic and transactions contained within host applications. Data from virtual terminal (VT) emulation screens can also be accessed.
HATS applications can be given a modern appearance. HATS Web applications, including portlets, can be developed with an interface that matches your company's Web or portal pages, and your users can access them through their Web browsers. HATS Web applications can also be developed to provide access from mobile devices such as cellular phones, data collection terminals, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and all mobile devices.
So, don't wait, register now:
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