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Pinned topic Cognos 7

‏2012-11-30T16:25:18Z |

What are the differences between Transformer 7, Powerplay 7, and Impromptu 7.
I want to be able to do advanced reports on servers in my environment. Transactional data, dashboards, queries from multiple sources and join the data into a report. Dashboards, performance, business intelligence.
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  • KevinSlanicky
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    Re: Cognos 7

    ‏2012-12-06T14:35:16Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    I'll start by saying you don't want Series7 tools. They are not the latest and greatest of the Cognos toolset, and frankly, you probably can't even purchase them any more.

    So you should be thinking Cognos 10

    But to answer your question...
    Transformer BUILDS cubes. You use it to define dimensions and levels, and use data sources to populate/build the cube data

    PowerPlay CONSUMES cubes. So once you build a cube in Transformer, you then can 'slice/dice' and navigate the data in the cube using PowerPlay. It's a very analysis focused tool

    Impromptu would be used to build reports off of data sources. This is the only piece that would be 'replaced' by Cognos 10 functionality. You can still use Transformer and PowerPlay (although using PowerPlay client is probably not desired... but rather PowerPlay Studio, Analysis Studio, or one of the other 'studios' in Cognos 10)

    HOpe this helps
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      Re: Cognos 7

      ‏2012-12-06T23:53:46Z  in response to KevinSlanicky
      The 7.5 is still supported and can be licenced as well. We are still using it and the reason I visited here from time to time.

      See here...