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Pinned topic parallel development - trigger to warn if they are newer changes on old brh

‏2012-11-30T15:41:29Z |
We have two branches AI1.0 & AI2.0(2.0 is cascaded on AI1.0)
dev team is going to make some exclusive changes on AI2.0, we want to implement a trigger if the same element is changed between now & prod release on AI1.0, when the dev tries to checkin new changes on 2.0 it shud warn him telling there is a newer version on take care of merging those changes on 2.0

can some one please suggest a better procedure or the trigger that wud help me in this case.

Thanks in advance,
Sudheer Palagiri
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    Re: parallel development - trigger to warn if they are newer changes on old brh


    You may write a trigger that monitors the changes in a file-level resolution, but I'd like to suggest another approach that could be better since it monitors the changes in streams resolution and gives you a rich report and the flexibility to monitor any streams you have.
    Do you know R&D Reporter for ClearCase ?
    It’s an add-on tool for ClearCase that helps you track and report changes in your development environments, including projects, streams, baselines, files and code-lines.

    One of the reports it provides is “two streams comparison” report which enables you to select any two streams and get a legible and fully-detailed comparison report, including their change-sets, and it can be sent into your email. You can automate this report for a certain time or launch it when any event occurs in system (e.g. a new check-in or new delivery to AI1.0 stream). Herein an example:

    One of the new features we’re considering to develop for the next version is an alerting capability that sends email if it finds that some files in this report have to be merged (trivial or non-trivial). I think it answers your needs, so if you find it interesting, please contact our RFE team (email to: rfe at gomidjets dot com) and ask for a Beta version when it comes true.

    I also provide two links of the latest information we released over the last week:
    Getting Started video:
    What's New in latest version (3.0):
    Tamir Gefen, GoMidjets
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    Re: parallel development - trigger to warn if they are newer changes on old brh


    This can be done by trigger.. Infact ClearTrigger does this out of the box with a functionality bit.
    either on:
    checkout: Link:
    checkin: Link:

    You can read on ClearTrigger here: Link:

    If you wish to write the trigger you would just check to see if the parent branch has performed any checckins on the parent branch that have not been merged to your current branch and warn if so.

    Hope this helps


    Charles Clarke III
    ClearCase Consultant
    A Better Solution, Inc.