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Pinned topic rd/z V8.5 and Local Help install

‏2012-11-30T12:06:14Z |
I have to install RD/z unconnected to the network (because of intrusion detection systems here). Once the is done and the HD cloned, I am able to connect to the network for testing etc.

So, if I want to install Local Help, the only options I see using Installation Manager are to install "limited" help during the install and then when RD/z is fired (after being connected to the network) allow it to download the rest of the help. Once everything is tested then the PC support group roll out replacement hard drives for the developers (I know...don't ask).

How can I install help locally from the media I have (I do NOT download RD/z), but have to order media (have it AV scanned etc before using it).


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    Re: rd/z V8.5 and Local Help install

    ‏2012-11-30T16:31:32Z  in response to kevmeist
    For installing the local help from the media, notice that you have a directory RDz85_Setup\documentation\help
    and you will find a file named
    Unzip this file into a temporary directory
    Start RDz and press Help--Local Help Updater
    Add the internal site where you have expanded the zip file as for example C:\temp\localh850sz\site.xml
    select IBM Rational Developer for System z Documentation and press Install

    When finished you will have the local help installed in the computer.
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      Re: rd/z V8.5 and Local Help install

      ‏2012-11-30T20:04:43Z  in response to SystemAdmin
      Thanks Rafa,

      Interesting though. When "browsing" to the location of the Help file and clicking OK on the site.xml file, it kept giving me an error with a file path containing "fakepath". However, if I clipped the path and filename in using Ctrl/C and Ctrl/V it worked.

      I had to change some of the ActiveX security settings to even do this. Why does IBM use ActiveX to do this type of installation?

      Really kinda odd.