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Pinned topic FIMO closing first document on initialisation Add-On

‏2012-11-29T11:54:08Z |

Problem with FileNet Integration Microsoft Office (1.1.5. FP5).
  • User starts Word
  • Word opens and created new empty document, 'Document1'.
  • FIMO Add-On gets loaded.
  • 'Document1' gets closed (shown in logging by logging 'BeforeClose' function call)
  • New empty document, 'Document2' is created
  • FIMO Add-On is loaded.

This is a problem for one of our clients. Maybe not a really big problem in this simple scenario when using a empty document, but same behavior is happening when creating a document from a SharePoint website document template. Word creates a new document based on the correct template, but it is closed (without feedback) again when the FIMO Add-On is loaded (in the ribbon). And a new, empty document is created again.

Any thoughts? Tried IBM Support, but getting the red-haring, time buying, problem avoiding, approach of asking version information and all that stuff. We tried all different setups (FP1 through FP5, Office 2007, Office 2010, new clean install windows, laptops, desktops,....).

ANY help appreciated. Implementation stopped by client.

Sander Baars The Netherlands.