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Pinned topic RSA integration in websphere portal

‏2012-11-29T11:33:22Z |
Hi All,

I am struggling to do a POC based on IBM Websphere Portal and RSA Token based authorization. If anyone can help me on this, it would be great.
POC Scenario is:
• When user hits the Websphere Portal url (i.e. http://server:port/wps/portal), login page will appear.
• On this page, User Id/ Password text box are available.
• I want to add one more text box, in that user should enter RSA token number.
• On click of "Log in" button, RSA authorization should also be done with Websphere Portal authorization.
• If both authorizations return positive, then user can see the portal page.
My Challenge is:
How to do RSA token authorization in Login Portlet?
Is there any Java API or web service which can be consumed in Portlet and pass the RSA token number with user name or other information to that for authentication?
What all the steps required for RSA integration on Websphere Portal server?

Thanks in advance,