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Pinned topic Network connectivity issue - Brocade Converged Switch

‏2012-11-29T08:03:00Z |
I have the following architecture. A BladeCenter H with a Brocade Converged switch and BNT 1/10 modules. Both Switches are connected to a Top of Rack (ToR) switch (BNT G8124) which is connected to Cisco 6509.

Brocade - ToR - Cisco

The problem:
All traffic passing by NICs connected to BNT 1/10 is working just fine with absolutely no problem.

All blades with Brocade CNA are not able to communicate with servers connected to the core switch.

Case 1:
When CNA is assigned VLAN 240 on Brc switch there's absolutely no communication (no ping - Destination host is unreachable) with servers connected to the core switch, however blades are able to communicate with rack servers attached to ToR directly

Case 2:
When CNA is assigned VLAN 220 on Brc swictch; the blades are able to ping all external servers without problems. However, when trying to copy a file for example from a server connected to the core switch the operation fail miserably

It smells like a VLAN issue but I'm not able the find the issue

I've attached the configuration of ToR and Brocade switches

NB: All blades are running Win2K8 R2

Can anybody help?!
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    Re: Network connectivity issue - Brocade Converged Switch

    Well, I've found the issue! fcoeport require at least an MTU of 2500 bytes but the Cisco core switch isn't configured for that. Decreasing the MTU on the converged switch resolved the issue. For now I have to choose between disabling FC and working on 10G ethernet only or disabling ethernet and use FC until the core switch is replaced.
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    Re: Network connectivity issue - Brocade Converged Switch


    HI @SystemAdmin ​ ,

    I'm struggling with this Brocade Converged beast. Trying to get 10GbE working.

    I see external ports + Switch's own IP (applied to Vlan interfaces) working fine.

    Internal ports receive IP packets but it seems all outgress packets never reach destination (dropped?).

    Tried all 3 modes (Access, Trunk, Converged), same result.

    P/N 69Y1910 FW 6.3.1_dcb2

    Also couldn't find a FW upgrade for it. Can you advice? Anyone?

    Thanks in advance.