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I have two files coming from a client that is is to be compared to a master list we have. We are presently going through the list of names by; last_name,first_name, and Date of Birth, manually to see if the name is on the master list, then we send a report to the the client of any names not listed on master list from sent list. We are using using DB2 for all list, how can I write a macro to automate this process?
Thank you,
Gary T. Payne
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    Re: Automating a manual assignment


    One of the many options for this is the following :

    with SENT(last,first,date_birth)as ( values
    ('last_name_1','first_name_1','Date_of_Birth_1') )
    select last,first,date_birth from SENT
    where (last,first,date_birth) not in (
    select last,first,date_birth from MASTER;

    Hope this helps.

    Yves-Antoine Emmanuelli