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Pinned topic How to resolve java.net.ConnectException

‏2012-11-28T14:27:48Z |
The operations involving task in Synergy 7.1a would sometimes report the "java.net.ConnectException" error. Does anyone have this experience ?
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  • David.Honey
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    Re: How to resolve java.net.ConnectException

    Hi Wang,

    Are there any corresponding error messages in your ccm_client.log or the back-end server ccm_ui.log or ccm_eng.log files?

    An ACcent abort in a back-end session can give rise to a socket-related error, and it will be the details of that ACcent abort that you will need to contact Rational technical support with.

    Another thing to check is that you have the same patch level on the server and client.

    Best regards,