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‏2012-11-28T10:14:02Z |
Hi Guys
we have a problem that happens on and off with different LPARS in our server configuration, they are mostly on AIX 5.3 (there are plans underway to address this) and they utilise SAN for datavg(app data) storage, rootvg are local disks, I don't have user access to most of the servers so can't get too much detail... the problem we see from time to tie is datavg filesystems not mounting which causes problems with some of our applications as resources are shared between LPARS etc..
what is the best way to shut down the LPARS gracefully so that the filesystems mount correctly on reIPL I know there may be some unavoidable problems that will happen but what is the best way to prevent/minimise problems like this?
we have a tivoli alert in place to tell us when a filesystem gets unmounted but that is more of a reactive measure... so I'd like to make sure we are taking the right steps during changes etc to ensure FS integrity

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    Re: mounted filesystems

    I suggest you inspect console output during boot to identify the cause of the failing mount.
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    Re: mounted filesystems

    Hi there,

    I think you should check if the filesystems are set to auto-mount after a reboot, or if there is PowerHA installed, which controls mounting of FS on a resource group.
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    Re: mounted filesystems

    AND make sure /etc/filesystems has your filesystems listed in order. AIX will not sort this file for you so it is very likely that you could be mounting /app/data before /app. We used to have a script that would fix /etc/filesystems every day to make sure mount points were ordered properly.