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Pinned topic Are IBM WebSphere FTE and LDAP compatible?

‏2012-11-27T17:00:21Z |
Hi All

I'm very new to the WebSphere MQ/FTE software and I am trying to evaluate FTE software for our file transfer needs.

I have the following requirements.

1. Need a scheduling tool for our interfaces.
2. Our interfaces consist primarily of file transfers. They can be event driven (presence of file in some location) or they can be scheduled to run at pre-determined intervals.
3. Certain users can start/stop file transfers based on their permissions.
4. Users responsible for maintaining such interfaces need to be authenticated through LDAP.

Based on the literature I've been able to read so far, I've come to the following conclusions.

1. WebSphere FTE can handle event based file transfers, but is rather limited in its scheduling capabilities. Therefore a custom scheduler needs to be created for the remainder.
2. MQ ID-s are incompatible with LDAP ID-s. In other words, MQ users and groups are limited only to MQ. In order to use LDAP as an authentication tool, you'll need a custom solution that maps groups of/individual LDAP users to a particular MQ FTE user/group that's responsible for writing messages to an agent command queue.

I was wondering whether the conclusions above are correct.

I also have the following questions that I have not been able to find answers for:

1. If you install an FTE Client in a particular machine, how many agents can you create in that machine? (I think an article implied that you can instantiate multiple, but it wasn't clear)
2. Is it possible to access an agent queue from Spring Integration and especially, is it possible to do it remotely?
I did try to install, WebSphere MQ and FTE on my developer laptop (Windows), but the installation ran into trouble when MQ required a domain user. (I'm a bit short on time for this)

If anybody has any suggestions on this, I would greatly appreciate them.

Best Regards,

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    Re: Are IBM WebSphere FTE and LDAP compatible?

    Scheduling options -
    FTE has a very robust internal scheduling tool, not sure what you mean by limited. You can also use external scheduling tools based upon the platform to accomplish any sort of time based submission requirement.

    Security/user authentication -
    FTE is a WMQ application so any authentication beyond what is done within the product itself will be linked to how WMQ does security. FTE has an internal security facility, it is rudimentary and contained within the product but has no way of interfacing with LDAP or any other security manager at the time of this writing for the versions I am referring to, and earlier.

    Once you install the software on a machine, WMQ FTE Client for instance, you can then create as many agents as you wish. There are not any restrictions to the number of run time instances of the individual installed product.

    Your Spring question is a WMQ question, as long as you have the appropriate WMQ client libraries installed where your Spring application is and can use the libraries in your application, I am assuming java or JMS here, then your application can access any queue. The only queue that should be accessed by applications if the agents COMMAND queue for writing well formed file transfer request messages. If you attempt to do anything else on any other FTE queue, you could interfere with the operations of the agent and its transfers.

    For your install issues, If you are not familiar with WMQ , then you are in for a challenge. The domain requirement is based upon how you are logged on to your laptop. To bypass this, you need to logon with a local id, then perform the WMQ install.