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Pinned topic error on reformat -load : unable to create ownership of a file

‏2012-11-27T10:29:35Z |

Am trying to load & register a vob in clearcase. i have a pvob in a tar.gz file format. pfb the steps i did:
1.sudo tar -xvf test_pvob.tar.gz
2.sudo ./fix_prot -r -root -chown testadmin -chgrp test_app_team /ud1/vobs/TEST/test_pvob.vbs
3.cleartool reformatvob -load -host linuxservername -hpath /ud1/vobs/TEST/test_pvob.vbs/ /ud1/vobs/TEST/test_pvob.vbs/

step 1 creates a test_pvob.vbs folder with many files and also a folder named db.reformat.
step 2 runs without any issue & sets the given permission.
while running step 3 am getting the below error:

cleartool: error: unable to set ownership of file /ud1/vobs/TEST/test_pvob.vbs//db.reformat: operation not permitted.

cleartool: error: unable to create directory "/ud1/vobs/TEST/test_pvob.vbs//db.reformat": operation not permitted.

The same works fine in another linux server. Seems like its a permission related issue. Kindly advise on the same.
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    Re: error on reformat -load : unable to create ownership of a file

    Well, for one, we need to know:
    1) What are the credentials you are using to start the load (id -a). I'm assuming "testadmin," but I hate that word.
    2) What user and/or group owns the database directory when you start? (in the unlikely event that the fix_prot didn't do something)
    3) Is /ud1 local storage or NAS storage? If the latter, what are the export options, and the mount options?
    4) Can you MANUALLY rename or chmod the db.reformat directory?

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