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Hi all,

I am on a learning curve with regard to db2 version 10 (10.1 Express-C) and DS 3.1.1. (these sit on Fedora 17) I decided to diligently go through the "getting started" guide for DS. While the book is aimed at db2 9.7, I have managed to reach chapter 10 i.e. "Developing Web Services". As instructed, I have downloaded and installed WAS CE version 2.1.6 and can successfully reach it through Firefox with the System amd Manager signon.

In trying to follow the book, I did the window > show view > other > Servers and then clicked on Server to open up a server window. I then right clicked on the white space and selected new. At this point, the only server type which shows is the J2EE preview under "Basic" i.e unlike the book, there are no other srevers available particularly any IBM ones.

It is at this point where it is possibly my lack of in depth Eclipse knowledge which affects me. I assumed that I would click on "Download additional server adaptors" and then chosse WASCE 2.1 server adaptor to install. However when I do this, I recieve the following error:

"Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.
Software being installed: WASCE v2.1 Server Adapter 2.1.8 ( 2.1.8)
Missing requirement: WASCE v2.1 Server Adapter 2.1.8 ( 2.1.8) requires ' 2.0.2.v200802150100-77-CT9yJXEkuiKVeQrclqTHQ3648' but it could not be found"

I must admit that I have seen this errpr (or similar) in my searching, but cannot seem to finad a satisfactory answer.

Any help would be appreciated
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    Re: Add a server in DS 3.1.1

    OK as usual, it seems as though simply putting it out there spurred me on. In any case, if anyone else is having this problem (and I found the answer by doing some more googling, eventually find a similar issue). In any case, the solution was to simply start DS from the command line under root i.e. su --- cd /opt/IBM/DS3.1.1 -- ./eclipse. When I then installed additional servers the install for the WASCE 2.1 serever worked. Not sure why, but I can now go and have a beer.