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‏2012-11-26T16:53:47Z |
Is it possible in Case Manager production to define a solution and tasks which are associated to custom content engine Task type object whereby the Task definition instance in content engine can contain custom application specific property templates associated to the task and not at a case level?

For example each task tyep of a case may have a different configued Service level agreement due date (either aboslute or relative) which is set by our custom application at time task is started.

We can get this information by cultivating process item data but getting this can be cumbersome especially across task types and implementations (PE vs BPM, etc). Also, in some cases the task specific data needs to exist longer than the life span of a work item and would be more intuitive to be peristed on the task object itself for post process use.

If anyone has attempted to tackle this and is willing to share approaches your input is greatly appreciated.