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‏2012-11-26T15:35:43Z |
Hi everyone,

Can someone help me on how to use the MQ handles in a queue manager?

I am having an error on the queue manager(Unable to obtain enough storage) and have also consulted on the available answers(, but what I got is to set the Max handle to a higher value.

I don't know why they came up to this solution and how it will affect the queue manager, MQ objects, server and etc.

It is important for me to get the effects since the queue manager has connections to different client servers.

Thank you for all that will answer.
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    Re: How to use MQ handles

    Hi there,

    Could you elaborate on why "Unable to obtain enough storage" led you to a need to increase MAXHANDS. It is hard to comment without knowing why.

    Are your applications using a lot of handles? Do they MQOPEN lots of queues? The default MAXHANDS is 300 which is actually quite a lot of handles for an application to have open normally. What kind of application was it - perhaps a hosting environment?

    Anything else you can tell us about the problem, will enable us to make a more useful comment to help you.