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Pinned topic Datapower: Dual SOAPaction in headers (XML Firewall)

‏2012-11-26T14:55:22Z |
Hello everyone;

we have a issue with the response rule of xml firewall, it shows two soapactions in the headers and we dont know it is an error.
Any suggestions?

Regards from Colombia.
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  • HermannSW
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    Re: Datapower: Dual SOAPaction in headers (XML Firewall)

    ‏2012-11-26T16:15:22Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    SOAP 1.2 should NOT have a SOAPAction HTTP header:
    So I assume that your question is wrt SOAP 1.1.

    WS-I Basic Profile does not tell much on SOAPAction:

    This is the spec section on SOAPAction:

    For me it is clear that there is "at most one" SOAPAction header field (and that receiving two is an error).
    But I cannot find a clear point on that in the spec besides the initial sentence being written in singular:
    "The SOAPAction HTTP request header field ..."

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