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Pinned topic Imported Model with Portlet Adapter - Model not found

‏2012-11-26T14:22:52Z |

My main model contains a Portlet Adapter builder and Imported model builder which contains main action and my model containers.
While publishing the portlet and accessing the portlet from Portal, it throws a webAppRuntimeException - model not found.
I have verified the deployable war file for the file.
Is the use of Portlet Adapter restricted with Imported model builder.

Appreciate any direction here!

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    Re: Imported Model with Portlet Adapter - Model not found

    There is no restriction with regards to using the Imported Model builder in a portlet model. This sounds like a deployment issue here. Can you provide the full stack trace of the exception message that you're getting? Also, I'd suggest looking through the app server's SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log files for any other errors which may be related. It's possible that there are deployment problems or other problems related to the startup of your portlet application which are preventing the application from properly starting up.