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Pinned topic Any relases for PowerVM editions

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In our environment we are using PowerVM enterprise edition for P7 and i would like to know is there any release for PowerVM or any kind of upgrade for PowerVM. I am little confused with some comments in web sites like, "upgrade into latest PowerVM", which means upgrade VIO, HMC and firmware or is there release for PowerVM enterprise.

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    Re: Any relases for PowerVM editions

    Yes, there may be system firmware updates, HMC updates, and VIOS updates. All can be determined from IBM Fix Central web site.

    For system firmware and HMC updates:
    Product Group: Systems
    Select from Systems: Power
    Product: Firmware, SDMC and HMC
    Machine type-model: Find your MTM here
    For VIOS updates:
    Product Group: Virtualization Software
    Select from Virtualization software: PowerVM Virtual I/O Server
    Installed Version: Find your current VIOS level