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Pinned topic Error migrating x3650M3 to a virtual machine

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Hi All,
I am migrating IBM x3650M3 server (physical) to a a virtual machine. Upon using the Vmware converter, I encountered an error stating "The source computer has EFI firmware. Conversion of live computers with EFI firmware is not supported. Convertion of virtual machines with EFI firmware is supported only if the destination supports EFI firmware and disk-based cloning is performed." Please see snapshot for the complete error report. When I try to disable the UEFI, Windows doesn't boot. Anyone who already encountered this and already have a solution?

Appreciate any help.
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    Re: Error migrating x3650M3 to a virtual machine

    That error gives false hope, to be honest. VMware Converter does not support UEFI-based servers as source machines. It is a documented limitation in VMware Converter itself.

    You can't switch BIOS modes (UEFI to PC/AT) on an existing OS. The BIOS mode decision is made at the time of installation only.

    A work-around, if you call it one, is to reload the OS on the source server in legacy PC/AT BIOS mode and then convert it.. but it is a destructive process to the OS (not to your other volumes) and at that point you might be better off building a fresh VM. Other options include pay-for converter tools such as Platespin.

    VMware Converter User's Guide

    Page 19, "NOTE P2V conversion is not supported for UEFI source machines."

    VMware needs more pressure on this one, it's an important feature as UEFI machines begin to age and/or people decide to convert.