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Pinned topic Poor Quality Display of Inserted Graphics

‏2012-11-26T00:43:48Z |
I'm using DOORS version, Build 92412

When inserting a MS PowerPoint slide as an OLE Object to display a figure for a specification, the quality of the displayed image in the DOORS client is really poor and looks as if it's been re-sampled using a very low bitmap type resolution. Double clicking to edit the OLE Object in it's native application displays the graphic in the high quality as expected. It's the same problem when using MS Visio and MS Word.

When printing or exporting to MSWord, the embedded OLE Objects look fine.

DOORS seems to have problems with rendering the graphics, and displays them as low resolution graphics that look blocky and virtually unreadable which is no good for users.

Is this a problem that others are finding?

I don't remember it being this bad in previous versions of DOORS, so has DOORS changed it's drivers for viewing embedded MS Office objects maybe?
Paul Miller,
Melbourne, Australia
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    Re: Poor Quality Display of Inserted Graphics


    It's a bit poorer in DOORS (I use a 9.3) but not drammaticaly.
    The weirdest thing is that when you copy/paste a slide into DOORS and export it to a word document, and if you copy/paste the same object into the same word document the result is a bit different (of course to one that is pasted from Powerpoint to MS Word is a bit better). And it shouldn't...