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Pinned topic Invoking REST services implementing OAuth

‏2012-11-25T15:40:57Z |
Hi there,

I need to develop a WebSphere Message Broker message flow which consumes an HTTP service which implements OAuth protocol (v1 not v2). The message flow does not connect directly to the service provider but through DataPower XI50 (firmware device in our DMZ environment.

The example code provided by the service provider is in java and uses Google Data java client library:
I've noticed that firmware v5 supports OAuth v2 but nothing is specified regarding v1.
In addition, there is an objection to upgrade the device to v5. It will not be approved till Q3 2013.

One idea I thought about is developing the java code in WMB and connecting an XML Firewall on our DataPower device.
Is there a better way to do it implementing the OAuth protocol inside DataPower?

I'd appreciate any idea or thought.

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    Re: Invoking REST services implementing OAuth

    DataPower only supports v2 of the OAuth specification. Is there any reason on why you are doing ?