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Pinned topic How to set JCC properties in URLConnection for Datastudio

‏2012-11-23T18:27:09Z |
Dear Forum.
In a private lan one laptop and the linux box DB2 server ping eachother very well using the ip addresses delivered by the DHCP server processed inside the internet router where the two nodes are wired. The linux machine uses the public DNS servervice by OpenDNS to register its fully qualified name on internet, and the laptop pings correctly such fqdn node, exactly as it pings
The problem is that my DataStudio on laptop does not connect to a database defined into DB2, for instance the SAMPLE database that I use to set up the environment. The error is Connection timed out.
Please note that Datastudio executed on the linux box connects perfectly.
The lan is so simple that the timeoud exception appears to be a little strange. Anyway, I would like to increment the timeout value associated to the JCC urlConnection. In the connection wizard, where I selected IBM Driver JDBC 4, a tab opens a couple fields as space for free properties, but I don't find any suggestion to follow. Could anyone kindly help me ? And suggest how to read the trace file in .dat format ?
I use in the lab DB2 Express C v10.1.0.0 Fix Pack 0 (from db2level), with Datastudio 3.1.1.: please does anyoneknow how to read the level of the installed jdbc 4.0 driver ?
Thanks and regards.