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Pinned topic restore from db2 V8 to v10.1

‏2012-11-23T16:05:10Z |
Can we restore a db2 V8 into db2 V10 .
Windows platform . Offline backup .

info center V10 states the following
Restore backup images in DB2 Version 9.7 that were backed up on DB2 Version 9.5.
If a database upgrade is required, it will be invoked automatically at the end of the restore operation.

thks for an early answer .
Note also i succeeded in restoring db2 V8 in DB2 V9.7
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    Re: restore from db2 V8 to v10.1

    Just as the manual says: "For Windows operating systems, you can restore a database created on DB2 Version 9.5 on a DB2 Version 9.7 database system. For Linux and UNIX operating systems, as long as the endianness (big endian or little endian) of the backup and restore platforms is the same, you can restore backups that were produced on down level versions. "

    You'll need to upgrade to DB2 9.5 or 9.7 first.