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Pinned topic Lock request time out period exceeded

‏2012-11-23T14:11:42Z |
I am getting the below error in ffdc Lock request time out period exceeded.

and whenever I get this error, the CPU utilization is at 100% and results in OutofMemory error after 15/20 mins.
so I increased the JVM size and number of threads for the particular JDBC connection, now whenever I get this error CPU is reaching 100% for 2 mins. Can someone please help in understanding this behavior(any exception causing CPU to be 100% utilized) and any possible resolution for it?

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Lock request time out period exceeded

    Check the lockTimeOut custom property of the datasource. It is likely set to never timeout.
    The amount of time (in milliseconds) to wait 
    for a lock before timing out. -1 indicates the attempt to acquire a lock never times out. 0 indicates the attempt times out immediately.

    More importantly you might want to check why an attempt to get the lock takes longer than expected. Increasing the timeout or the threads or the heap size will likely just delay the issue but not fix it.
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    Re: Lock request time out period exceeded

    See if this helps you