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Pinned topic painful display with cpu folding on AIX

‏2012-11-23T13:03:52Z |
With interactive Nmon on AIX, display is very painful because of the permanent change of number of cpu lines due to cpu folding. As cpu datas are always on top screen, display of other datas (disks, processes, ...) jumps and jumps and jumps...
Is it possible to include an option which avoid this behavior?
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    Re: painful display with cpu folding on AIX

    As the original developer I could not agree more - it is very annoying.

    All you can do is raise a PMR and make your suggestion.

    If you have lots of CPUs with SMT=4 monitoring the logical CPUs is impossible any way.
    I would recommend viewing the long term view CPU stats so you the last minutes worth = type l (lower case L)
    and then hit # (hash) to switch to physical numbers of CPU used.
    Note; this view is auto-rescaling.

    thanks Nigel