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‏2012-11-22T19:05:04Z |
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to run cplex through matlab on a Matlab cluster. I already did it previously with a old version of cplex (Don't remember exactly which) that i obtained through the academic initiative. Everything went fine and smoothly.

But since then, my boss changed the configuration of the cluster passing it from a 32 bit matlab to a 64bits matlab cluster, hence preventing me from reusing my old file.

I downloaded the last version of cplex in 64 bits and installed it. I cannot install it directly on each node, but what i did (and worked for the 32 bits version) was to put the matlab m and mex files in a drive that the cluster can access.
Unfortunately, something seems to have change between the old version i had and this new version. When i try to run my milp problem, i get an error telling me 'Module not found'. Basically, what i think is happening is that each worker in my cluster has access to the m file and then the mex file but i must miss a dll or smth similar...
So now my question, what are the dependencies of the mex files ? Is there any dll file that is not the cplex directory? I recall a visual stuff installing at the end (don't pay much attention to these things...)

Thanks in advance,


Ps: if i'm totally unclear or you need more info just let me know!
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    Re: Cplex and Matlab Cluster

    My guess is that you are missing some environment variable setup. Candidates are the MATLABPATH and PATH variables.
    Can you please read through the Getting Started chapter in the documentation and check if you did everything correctly?