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Pinned topic ibm_fw_sraidmr_m5000-12.12.0-0126_linux_32-64.xml -> BAD

‏2012-11-22T17:05:36Z |

I'm using uxspi (via lnxtoolkit on nfs) since last m5000 firmware card aren't detected by uxspi.

After copying ibm_fw_sraidmr_m5000-12.12.0-0111_linux_32-64.xml to ibm_fw_sraidmr_m5000-12.12.0-0126_linux_32-64.xml and changing filename and crc, it's working again.

So IBM please fix it!

I've attach my working XML.

Best regards,
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    Re: ibm_fw_sraidmr_m5000-12.12.0-0126_linux_32-64.xml -> BAD

    ibm_fw_sraidmr_m5000-12.12.0-0133_linux_32-64 have the same XML definition

    Is it normal? IBM is it to deny upgrade from and upgrade ?
    Why did you change
    "category" TYPE=
    "category" TYPE=

    uxspi9.30 doesn't detect the card with these XML
    There is nothing in your changelog ... And the French support doesn't know why the firmware upgrade don't work with firmware version greater than (need DSA, but your firmware is not the latest, firmware again, DSA again, IBM technician come, try to flash, not working ... card exchange ...)

    And with the firmware extracted from your binary package, the upgrade is working !

    Best regards,