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Pinned topic reference Image Task failed to start in a timely manner

‏2012-11-22T15:21:08Z |
I have installed the TPMfOSD server ( with default options),
1) sql install as pe documnet
database create TPMDB
2) odbc created as per doc

I was trying to create a new profile out of the above target machine.
Here are the steps that I have gone through in the WebUI:
1. At "System Profile" under "OS Deployment" section on the left
2. In the "System Profile" box on the right, right-click, and "Add New Profile"
3. Select "Clone from a reference Image", then click "Next"
4. Typed in IP, then "Next"
5. In the "Profile Wizard" step, it will wait a long time, and at the end, it came back with error "Task failed to start in a timely manner, retry later".

please find the attachment
Kindly reply urgent.

suresh h


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    Re: reference Image Task failed to start in a timely manner

    when you do this scenario, you have to do at the same time a network boot of the machine you want to capture, ensuring that the boot is grabbed by TPMfOSD server.
    I hope this helps


    Michele Tomassi