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‏2012-11-22T14:02:20Z |
Hallo All,

we have GPFS3.4.0.17 and following error
mmadddisk tsmt05_db -F crnsd_vsp_db.txt

GPFS: 6027-531 The following disks of tsmt05_db will be formatted on node
DSK3D_db_1: size 562883584 KB
DSK7D_db_1: size 562883584 KB
Extending Allocation Map
GPFS: 6027-594 Disk DSK3D_db_1 cannot be added to storage pool 'system'.
Allocation map cannot accommodate disks larger than 265009 MB.
Checking Allocation Map for storage pool 'system'
mmadddisk: 6027-1204 tsadddisk failed.
Verifying file system configuration information ...
mmadddisk: 6027-1371 Propagating the cluster configuration data to all
affected nodes. This is an asynchronous process.
mmadddisk: 6027-1639 Command failed. Examine previous error messages to determine cause.

We searched in the Forum and found that the problem is the initial allocation map. Can everone explain the Problem here. Why we see here the restriction to swap a nsd group with a new one. Our plan was to add new nsd's with more capacity (old one was 25 GB and new one 565 GB), delete the old one's. The hints with a new pool was only for data and what is with the metadata disk there? Are there any other solutions for that?
Any hints are great. Thanks Renar
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    Re: Extending Allocation Map - Issue

    ‏2012-11-23T05:16:46Z  in response to renarg
    The maximum disk size that can be added to the filesystem is decided at fs creation time based on number of disks used to create fs and its size. And a msg of the largest disk size allowed is printed during mmcrfs.

    This has been discussed already here:
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      Re: Extending Allocation Map - Issue

      ‏2012-11-23T13:26:21Z  in response to kalcig
      Hallo Kalyan,

      thanks for this hint. Are there any formula for that behavior, on wich size and count of disk, we can use for planing purpose.

      Thanks Renar