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Pinned topic Removed OS mep, pops up in resource explorer

‏2012-11-22T11:28:49Z |
I have a windows server with common agent installed(6.1.2).
I uninstalled CAS agent, then installed it again but connected to another ISD server with it's own agent manager.
Access granted and everything is OK when I look in new ISD server.
For some reason the OS name/mep pops up in the old ISD server with no access. Do I have to run some ISD server agent manager commands to remove it from old ISD server. I have of course removed it from resource explorer in old environment, and it will disappear for a while before it's added again.

If I remove a OS mep in resource explorer, does the object still reside in agent manager configuration and has to be removed with some other commands ?

Best regards,
Roger Hovrin
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    Re: Removed OS mep, pops up in resource explorer

    Removing a MEP from the Resource Manager does not remove it from the Agent Manager. The commands to remove a MEP from the Agent Manager are not documented, and somewhat complex. You should contact the Help Center so they can walk you thru the process.

    Craig Elliott
    IBM Advanced Technical Skills