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We have a DS4800 with 5 EXP810's connected. The oldest of the EXP810's is between 5 and 6 years old and we wanted to replace those drives and move them to a non-production environment before they start to mass-fail. We purchased a 6th EXP810, complete with drives as well as an additional 16 drives for replacement of the original drives in the first unit. My question is this: Is there an easy way to migrate arrays from the old EXP810 to the new EXP810 so that we can replace the drives in the first EXP810 and put it back into production with new drives or do we have to fail each drive individually, replace it, wait for a rebuild and repeat those steps until each drive has been replaced?
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    Re: Replacing disks in an EXP810

    Dear Peter,

    there is useful doc:

    Installation and Migration Guide for Hard Drive and Storage Expansion Enclosure - IBM System Storage DS3000, DS4000, and DS5000

    Alexander Novikov
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