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Pinned topic Wait for the next object's existence

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I am in need of a clarification that relates to the time delay between the selection of two test objects. The speed at which the page containing the next test object, gets loaded is unpredictable. This makes the sleep() option which we usually give, of no use. I tried to connect the next object with the current one by linking the next object with the waitforexistence() function. But the problem here is that, the next object name will vary depending on the environment and state (cold state and login state). So this reduces reusability.
So here, I would like to know, whether there is any option which will connect two test objects in the script, residing in two web pages by default, without any need to specify the object.

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    Re: Wait for the next object's existence

    In IE we use browser().waitForExistance() to wait for browser to load. But this does not work the same in FF.

    So you can try to use codes like:
      if (obj1().exists() || obj2().exists())
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