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Pinned topic Unable to connect to RAA from RDZ ( ConfigRuntimeException)

‏2012-11-21T15:33:41Z |
A customer of mine is trying to connect RAA from RDZ but he receive this error ( see the eclipse message on my doc)

"An error occurred while initializing the connection to RAA. Not connected: Exception occurred during initialization:ConfigRuntimeException:Key "Database.maxBatchExecuteSize" not found in file ‘C:\IBM\Rational Asset Analyzer\config\Common.cfg’"

I think it should be related to an 'installation problem' .. but it seems that RAA is working fine via browser

I'm wating for other details ( like the common.cfg file)

Could you please help me ( and my customer)?
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    Re: Unable to connect to RAA from RDZ ( ConfigRuntimeException)

    The client is seeing that error because the RAAi plugin is at a more recent level than the local RAA installation. The RAAi plugin has a change that looks for the maxBatchExecuteSize value, but the older local RAA installation doesn't have it. The reason the browser works fine is that the web user interface doesn't involve the RAAi plugin, so there's no mismatch.

    The solution is to keep the local RAA and RAAi plugin at the same level, so you'll want to have the client install the fixpack for the local RAA on their system.

    By the way, v6.0.0.11 was recently released. You may want to have your client just refresh both RAA and RAAi with v6.0.0.11.