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‏2012-11-21T14:50:04Z |
We are using WebSphere Portal 7.
We need to use WebServices in WebSpherePortal as some of our portlets are requiring this. One way to do this is through UDDI. We can create UDDI Node, references in WebSphere Application Server and publish the webservices to be used in WebSphere Portal.

Senerio: Our webservices are web base (i means we have the URLs of webservices, and we want to use that webservices in portlets).

Q: Is there any other recomended way to implement this senerio or UDDI option as i described above to good to go ??


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    Re: Using WebServices in Portal

    if it is REST serivce then u can consume it in javascript itself
    otherwise use any webservice framework like Apache axis to build client in custom portlet