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Pinned topic Restarting necessary to wire references to services from EBA in bundleRepo?

‏2012-11-21T12:00:07Z |

I've followed Getting Started with OSGi Applications: Bundle Repositories and deployed an EBA to a repo. I could notice the EBA was started fine as the blueprint bundle printed out the initialization message to the console.

Right after deploying the EBA I deployed an OSGi application with another EBA to consume the service registered by the bundle in the repository. It was not wired properly and the app was stopped. I use OSGi Blueprint to register the service and the reference, each in separate EBAs (one in the repo and another in the OSGi application).

I had to restart the server to have the wiring process - to have the service reference been resolved and wired to the service - finished properly. Is this required?

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