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I am currently working with IBM WSRR v7.5.Inorder to know the actual process deployment and service modelling,I am in need of Websphere ESB/process Server/Integrations Developer.But due to licensing fee,I am asked to use Fuse ESB which we are using already in our project environment.

In this case,I wanted to confirm the level of compatibility of Fuse ESB with IBM WSRR.Also I kindly request you to provide the compatibility stack of IBM WSRR with other vendors that will help us go on with other ESBs,if not Fuse ESB is used.

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    Re: IBM WSRR compatibility with Vendors

    I don't know of "compatibility" as such, but I do know a client has written a custom endpoint lookup for Fuse ESB which retrieves Service endpoint URLs from WSRR.

    This is possible because WSRR provides 3 APIs you can use to get the endpoint information; REST, SOAP and EJB. These APIs are open, documented in the WSRR infocenter and can retrieve data from WSRR.

    However the client has not released this lookup, so you would have to code your own.